Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a member to shop?

No. Though, if you are a member you get a discounted price on all products. Full members ($50 and above) get early-bird registration and discounts for CAA events.

Is the CAA Market a CSA?

No. The CAA Market is a program that allows local producers to sell their products. All items are sold individually and we do not offer subscription packages. We can; however, connect you to producers who offer CSA shares!

Where do the products come from?

All products are grown, raised, or produced in the Yampa Valley. We are committed to supporting local agriculture and local producers. Shop the CAA Market to be a Yampavore!

How do I get my order?

Orders are picked up at the CAA Market, located at 743 Oak Street, downtown Steamboat Springs. Corner of 8th and Oak Streets, in the old Photo Express House building. Pre orders can be picked up the following week, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5:30 pm.

What are your payment methods?

Cash, local checks and all major credit cards are accepted. Payment is due at pickup. We do not accept credit card transactions over the phone or through the CAA Market website.